My midlife years have been similar to those that have made the passage before me.  I have sent a child to college, said good by to my father as he passed away, worry about my aging and now alone mother, changed jobs and, in the process, witnessed my own health slide into the “danger zone” of potential chronic disease processes.  Having been in the health care profession for nearly 30 years, I knew all the warning signs of these diseases, weight gain being one of them.  I also knew that a simple weight loss program was not enough this time. I had always been successful at losing weight.  I was never successful at maintaining the weight loss. I wanted a new approach that would change me from the inside out.  After successfully locating a holistic physician to mentor my physical program, I then turned to Dr. Palmour for additional support.  The most profound thing I will always remember Dr. Palmour advising is this:  “Imagine you as you want to be, not how you were then and not even how you are now.”  Dr. Palmour introduced me to the scientific theories of hypnosis and how they could be applied to my weight “donation” program and sustain the “healthy me”. The sessions were safe, relaxing and invaluable to my success.   It has been 9 months since I began this program.  My health indicator numbers are perfect, my weight within the healthy range and I feel great.  I know there is a direct link to my success and the hypnotherapy given by Dr. Palmour. 

– Sue Ann, Physical Therapist

I first went to see Dr. Palmour to help me reduce anxiety about back surgery.  After just one session I was able to focus on the benefits that would come from the surgery not the pain.

Months later I was released by the doctor but I still had pain.  I returned to Dr. Palmour, with my doctors referral, for assistance with pain control.  Today I am doing great, if I ever need help again I will not hesitate to call on Dr. Palmour.

– Harry Resovsky, Dahlonega

As a participant in a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Palmour, I was amazed and encouraged through the experience. My anxiety level was reduced considerably, my weight control is improving and I have an over all feeling of well being. I highly recommend the experience.

Carolyn Cline-Griffiths, Blue Ridge, GA

“As a new Mon, I was being pulled in many directions on many issues regarding parenting from both my parents and my in-laws. As one point I thought that maybe I should become a stay-at-home Mom. However, after going through two sessions with Davis Palmour, I realized that quiting my jobs was not ever the issue! What was really bothering me was that I was not able to vocalize my feelings on being a parent. Instead of listening to how I really felt, I was allowing my parents and in-laws opinions to over ride what I knew what was right for me and my family. My sessions with Davis empowered em to listen to myself and take action. It all culminated when my husband and I threw a wonderful first year birthday party for our child at our home, setting up a family tradition and aiding me in asserting my parenting values over those that were being projected on me.”

New Mon, Blairsville, GA

“Dr. Palmour is a good facilitator and I like his style. If the opportunity arises I would use him again”

Richard D. Foot

Natural Resources Coordinator

Hall County Public Works Department

I started smoking at age 15 and tried many times to stop in the past 17 years using pills, patches and other gadgets. I heard that hypnosis could be a potential solution but I didn’t know any hypnotherapists. I met Dr. Palmour though local business groups and I told him about my desire to stop smoking. After one hypnosis session I walked out of Dr. Palmour’s office and went straight home – smoke free. I haven’t picked up a cigarette since.

Phillip C. – Dahlonega